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Car & Motorcycle Show Rules

Rules; Please Read Carefully

Pre Registration is now closed

Registration Day of Event / Vehicle and Driver = $ 25.00

Click here to download coupon and save $ 5.00 at the gate!

Vehicle  Registration Includes Driver Admission & Pool Pass

Passenger Admission $ 10.00 Includes Pool Pass

Registration Opens at 8:00am and will be Open until 3:00pm

Event Starts at 10:00am, Music starts at 11:30 am Event is over at 9:00pm


Open to pre 1976 Classics, Kustoms, Hotrods, Muscle Cars, Lowriders, Vans, VW's, Motorcycles, Trikes, Trailers, Teardrops, Bicycles, Minibikes & What ever else you may have along with other vintage automotive vehicles.  There are no year restrictions for Custom Motorcycles and newer cars that are of special interest and drastically customized. If you are in doubt please give us a call first prior to coming out to the show. Our numbers are listed below.

We will be parking on the grass so please be patient while we direct you to your parking space.

Please watch for flagged items on the grass and do not run over them!

Note for Motorcycles: You may want to bring a piece of wood to stabilize your kick stand!

If you have a club that would like to display together, Please come together!

If you don't plan on staying for the entire duration of the show please let us know so we can park you in an area that will be more accommodating when you decide to exit. Before you exit please find one of our staff to help escort you out of the show area.

If you plan on bringing a Tow Vehicle with trailer or a Motor Home with trailer, that is fine, however you will have to park them in a designated area.



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Canopies: You can bring Canopies, However They MUST be weighted down with MINIMUM 25# weights on each corner. Alternatively you can tie your canopy to your Vehicle(s) to hold your Canopy down.

You may Bring Ice Chests for Food and your favorite beverages, No Glass Please!

Small Gas Camp Stoves are allowed, However There are to be No Open Fires, No BBQ's or Hibachis that use coal on the property.

We will have a food vendor on site and the Littlerock Town Council will be serving Beer!

Drunks will not be tolerated!

Be Responsible and Keep Your Area Clean.

No Flame throwers unless we are hosting a demonstration, flame throwers will only be exhibited at the designated time and area.

This rule also applies to Hoppers; You may display your Hopper in a Jacked position, however Hopping you car is prohibited unless we are putting on a Hopping exhibition during the event.

The use of flame throwers, hopping without the managements consent will not be tolerated along with Burn outs....

No Burn Outs whatsoever!

If you are in violation of our rules you will be asked to leave!

We ask that you Please be considerate of others with safety in mind al all times during our event, at the same time, by all means Have Fun!

If you have any questions, you can call (800) 880-6567 or (661) 944-2299 or you can go to our contact page to e-mail us.

Thank you,


Moldy Marvin

here for information on Public Parking

Click here For A Map and Driving Directions! 


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For More Info Call 800-880-6567 or (661) 944-2299 

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